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My Goal is to provide YOU, the Old Time Radio Enthusiast with a single source where you can download all your favorite Old Time Radio Shows easily without worry. That way you are not searching the Internet all day looking for shows. When you do download from me YOU don't have to be concerned about the quality or contents of the files you download. Nothing will ruin your day worse then to download a file you been searching all day for and to find its wrong, incomplete or even worse, has a VIRUS hidden with it.


This has been my personal experience on many of the OTR forums. I've been there. There is so much SPAM floating around you never know WHO really sent the file. It's like Playing Russian Roulette with the health of your computer. While the OTR file itself is generally not the virus, it may be accompanied with other files, which might be infected and if you don't realize it, you will have a virus or even worse a Trojan on your system quicker that you know it. I have been searching the Internet since 1997 finding all the Old Time Radio shows I can get my hands on for my membership; let me do it for you to! If its out there I probably have it. If not I have a list of more than 500 supporting members who just might.

To DOWNLOAD from this site, you have two choices.

THE FIRST WAY is to download directly from my DOWNLOAD CENTER. Having an account in the download DOWNLOAD CENTER gives you UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS EACH MONTH FOR $4.00. You download directly from my web page without the need of installing a FTP PROGRAM on your computer, all you need is to do is point your mouse and click. The DOWNLOAD CENTER now has over 10,000 shows available for downloading. These are the same shows that are on the server, just a different way to access them. There is also a FREE DOWNLOAD section as well where you can leach a few free files as well, visit the DOWNLOAD CENTER and you will see the button link for the FREE SHOWS the log on and password is provided for you on the main page. Note: The download center does have a throttled back speed as compared to the FTP SERVER, but as more members join the download center I will increase the speed a little at a time.

THE SECOND WAY is to use use a FTP PROGRAM. Using an FTP program to access my Server will allow your eyes will feast on over 60,000 shows from the most memorable to those you and most people have never heard of. It is also has the FASTEST speed for downloading of the two accounts. Cost for the ftp server is based on downloading credits. ! Gb worth of credits is $7.00.

If you choose to FTP I have set up a link to a free program with instructions that you can use to get started downloading. If you find the instructions too hard to use or you have any questions, Please, please contact me I will more than happy to help. If you live in the U.S. Or CANADA I have free long distance and will be more than happy to give you a call at no cost or obligation. You may call me direct at 734-708-3220. If you live outside these areas, you are more than welcome to call me directly.

FTP'ing is said to be confusing and overwhelming. It's NOT!!! Many other FTP sites on the Internet will offer little to no help and will leave YOU to yourself to figure out how to use a FTP program to download. But I believe its MY responsibility teach you how to use one If I expect you to use my site.  And if that means walking you through every step of setting up the program and downloading, that's just what I will do. It really is VERY VERY simple and generally within 15 minutes you will be knowledgeable enough to continue on your own. I will be more than happy to give you a FREE ACCOUNT and show you simple and easy FTP'ing really is so you can download and listen to all the free Old Time Radio Shows I offer. And who know, you just might want to continue to download shows and support this GREAT site.

For more information on which account is best for you please see my accounts page.

You will certainly find other sites out there, but I truly believe that no other Old Time Radio site offers more way to obtain OTR shows or give you you the amount of hands on personal support that I do. You won't have worry about paying for a service and then once you to find out you are left in the dark all by yourself with little to no Tech support if you are having problems such as logging on or receiving a bad or incorrect file.. I can't solve every problem but I promise I will give it my best shot.

When you sign up for an Member supported Account you will get:

  • Your choice of two types of Downloading Accounts. You can download using my FTP SERVER which has a T-6 line connected directly to the backbone of the Internet for faster downloading or Downloading from my web pages through the DOWNLOAD CENTER.
  • Logon anytime 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week
  • No Speed Restrictions.(Ftp only) Downloading speeds of up to the T-3 speed of the server (speed is shared with all users logged on and downloading)
  • Download Multiple files at one time
  • Multiple logon from different IP address at one time (Ftp only)
  • RESUME (Ftp only) available on UPLOADING and DOWNLOADING to save you from loosing credits
  • Change your Password using your FTP Program (FTP program must offer it)
  • Credit 3 X reimbursement for files that have sever audio problems, incomplete files or are titled incorrectly. (Restrictions do apply)
  • FREE DOWNLOADING CREDIT DAY (Ftp only), where Members who have paid and supported the site are given back free credits into their accounts. This happens once a year in September. To make sure you get access to the FREE DOWNLOAD DAY you (1) must have supported the site in the last 12 months at least once and (2) be on the mailing list to received instructions on how to download.
  • Uploading Account (Ftp only) for paid members so you can earn extra downloading credits without paying. (Restrictions do apply)
  • FREE Access to Free OTR shows with no further obligation
  • FREE Phone TECH SUPPORT (734-708-3220), heck if you are in the US OR CANADA I will even call you to you to help you if need to help you set up and use my recommended FTP program to get you started. If you need help with anything else or if you have any questions on OTR regardless if its for my site or other OTR sites Ill try to help you the best I can. I can also be contacted via Voice on Yahoo Messenger (n8elq)or Skype (Randysotr) for those who dont want to make a phone call or for Overseas members.
  • Downloading Credits can be advanced to existing Members, so you can keep downloading while your "check is in the mail".
  • The Darn Nicest Webmaster this side of the PECOS River, wherever that is!

If you love Old Time Radio Shows and hate searching the Internet all day looking for shows, why not try my FREE ACCOUNT and let me show you what we have. Then you can decide. I think you will find the cost of being a member of this site very reasonable. Please don't just pass on by. This site need YOU and your support keep OTR alive on the Internet.


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